Connect with Trinity leadership (Elder Board)

  • Michael Kelshaw

  • Tim Meisenheimer

  • Steve Kephart

What's an Elder Board? - Men providing pastoral oversight and biblical leadership for the church, humbly submitting themselves to scripture and one another.

Connect with Trinity Ministries

  • Bible Study Opportunities, Michael Kelshaw

  • Prayer Ministries, Tim Meisenheimer

  • Ministry to Women, Margaret Johnson & Tracey Meisenheimer

  • Ministry to Men, Michael Kelshaw

  • Ministry to Children, Becky Marshall

  • Newcomer and Pastoral Care, Michael Kelshaw

  • Benevolence Committee, Elisa Kephart

  • Missions Committee, Scott Goff

  • Worship Team, Steve Kephart & Cindy Hatley

Connect with Trinity Vestry (admin board)

  • Rex Haworth, Tim Johnson, Reid Warner, Tom Dow, Cindy Barrilleaux, Renae Waters, Michael Kelshaw, Paul Costales (Sr. Warden)